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We are Senacor: Integrated approach of IT and business as a method for success in digital transformation projects.


Senacor Technologies AG is the leading provider of business and IT transformation, digitalization and custom software development in the German-speaking part of Europe. Senacor specializes in industries that require highest-standard IT systems: banking, insurance, automotive, logistics, and utilities.


Senacor consults and implements end-to-end ­– from business strategy to applications design and operation. We reliably, safely, and securely deliver on business-critical projects. Senacor is unique in holistically combining state-of-the-art technology with business operations, products and professional processes.


We thrive on long-term relationships with our clients. 80 percent of our business is with clients we have worked with for more than 3 years – and who always come back to trust us with sensitive and large-scale projects. 30 of the largest companies in Germany and Austria are regular clients. However, we are happy to work with companies of any size! 


Senacor’s 1000 staff at ten localities and one project center have been delivering user-centric and future-proof solutions since 1999. Always innovatively, pragmatically, and with a 100 percent delivery reliability. We efficiently fuse business and IT, with guaranteed value added for our clients. We are Senacor.

Purpose & Mission

Realizing business value with cutting-edge IT.

At Senacor, it is our mission to develop bespoke software solutions of the highest quality that withstand the test of time. We utilize agile methods and professional delivery organizations to swiftly and flexibly build and implement our solutions. A close linkage between professional knowledge and IT expertise is particularly important to us when realizing user-focused and business-oriented systems.

Our culture is based on clear-cut values, deeply ingrained in our every workday. Openness towards clients and employees, trust in our abilities and expertise as well as an entrepreneurial spirit in developing innovative solutions are the foundations of our success. We encourage our employees to personally take the initiative and to opt for creative approaches whenever possible. We strive to inform our consulting work with an enterprising spirit that puts creating value for our clients first.

Core Values

What makes us unique
Senacor Offenheit
Senacor Unternehmertum
Senacor Banking
Senacor Offenheit
Senacor Offenheit
Senacor Unternehmertum
Senacor Unternehmertum
Senacor Responsibility
Senacor Responsibility


Intramural initiatives

At Senacor we walk the walk when it comes to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This is why we have set up a number of internal initiatives, where staff and management together find concrete and practical ways to make CSR part of everyday life at Senacor. Our initiatives are about information and advice, about mutual support and assistance. And about consistently instilling our company’s actions with an attitude of responsibility on every level.


Our diversity initiative creates awareness and increased visibility for the opportunities that an actively-lived appreciation for variety delivers.


Taking on the responsibility to always opt for sustainable solutions with clients, employees, the environment and society.


Gender equality in every sense of the word. Taking a stance but also to start concrete initiatives to systematically empower women in our company and in our industry.


A network for employees who are parenting. Here they’ll find practical everyday support and help, and together they make sure Senacor become an even more parent-friendly company.


To be accepted and acknowledged just the way you are. To be heard and to be see in all your individuality. Senacor@LGBT is a network that fosters mutual support.


VOIIO – Our partner for well-being

Senacor Voiio

At Senacor we know that it can be a chore to co-ordinate job and family-life. Sometimes we all need a little bit of help with that. At Senacor, we are  always sensitive to the social, mental and physical well-being of our employees. This is why we have opted for a partnership with Voiio, a platform that provides lectures, workshops, coaching and other online and offline offers for any situation. Voiio is a place to turn to for practical support with everyday challenges, health care issues, or even in a crisis. Because at Senacor we are hands-on when it comes to supporting our people.

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Our blog

Learn more about the way we work and the way we think in terms of methods, practices or technology, about research projects or about insights from our daily project work.

In the Senacor blog space you’ll find contributions on a variety of subjects – from Cloud and machine-learning to agile approaches and sustainability issues, right down to the nitty-gritty of working at Senacor as a consultant or developer.

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