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Insurance companies struggle with legacy applications landscapes and slow cycles of software development. Modern and efficient operating models, DevOps, autonomous and agile teams sometimes manage to ease the pain somewhat. However, what’s left is an applications landscape that is in dire need of modernization. And this not only to make the entire IT system faster but also to avoid the pitfalls of a multi-speed IT. Senacor guides companies through the process of integrating best-of-breed insurance platforms, this way modernizing legacy systems and achieving an all-over increase in speed cross the IT system.


E2E Integration of insurance platforms.

We help insurance companies to gain efficiency, become more innovative and customer oriented by investing in digital technology. Doing so, we ascribe particular importance to a stringent strategy that combines the necessary capabilities in terms of digitalization, data management and core transformation. In order to take into account all aspects of complex transformations we favor a multi-disciplinary approach, bring experts from strategy, risk management, operations, and technology to the table.


Replacing legacy systems with standard software enables companies to make use of the many opportunities that digitalization has to offer. With the aid of innovative software, insurance companies may improve internal structures as well as creating a more attractive and consistent sales and customer experience. In addition to that, a wide variety of insurance products may be integrated into the existing ecosystem.

More efficient processes in the front and back office.

Armed with the experience gleaned from many projects with many different clients, we can guarantee project completion within agreed time and budget frames. Risks that may exists during inception are also minimized by the great trove of experience Senacor has with these processes. Our staff command wide ranging industry knowledge as well as expertise in the crucial insurance industry specific fields, such as product specs, UW, contracting, commissions, and claims. Also, the Guidewire solution and its integration in existing landscapes is part of the Senacor repertoire.

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