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Innovation meets efficiency: Banking needs State-of-the-Art digitalization!

Efficient use of digital state-of-the-arttechnology has become a critical factor of success for any bank and financial service provider. New channels to the customer, new products and services are constantly being created. This, in turn, spawns new internal processes and organizational models. A complex landscape like this requires maintenance, reliable oversight, and careful further development.


At this point in time, the use off-the shelf Cloud or distributed-ledger based solutions allow for a significant reduction of own vertical range of manufacture in banks. As a consequence, a new industry of suppliers is being created that directly challenges established banking platforms when it comes to efficiency and scalability. Senacor has the professional expertise and the technological know-how to strategically answer these challenges – and to digitally future-proof banking business models.

We know

Modern banking business models operate and scale well digitally. Critical success factor is a systems design that efficiently marries profound industry knowledge and technical and technological know-how.

We deliver

Design, development and integration of state-of-the-art digital solutions as a combination of professional, technical and transformations expertise. The unique Senacor „Drive for Excellence“ always makes for the best possible solutions.

We are

One of the top specialists to design and deliver custom-made solutions for the digital financial industry of the 21st century.

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As a long-standing partner of countless financial institutions in the DACH region, we know the complex and highly regulated needs of our customers and combine this expertise with excellent technical know-how and a 100% delivery culture.


Making accounting digital: Senacor’s unique expertise of national and international accounting coupled with strong process and platform know-how leads our clients to success.

Asset, Deposits & Wealth Management

Reduce costs and increase service revenues at the same time: Senacor advises from the first strategic approach to the implementation of digital workplaces or ecosystem-based platforms.

Capital Markets Trading

Precise and digitally ready to act at any time: as the most digitised aspect of banking, modern capital markets trading needs a partner like Senacor that can create excellent, fast and scalable solutions for the split-second market.

Commercial Lending

Strategically align and centrally manage lending for corporates: Senacor knows how to use innovative technologies to combine increasing data quality and process transparency with a higher number of deals.


Understanding compliance as an opportunity: Senacor closes gaps and improves internal processes with state-of-the-art digital solutions that provide our clients with transparency and control, as well as the opportunity for timely efficiency gains.

Debt Capital Markets

Innovative digital solutions for raising and managing debt capital: Market making in debt capital markets, whether for corporate clients or your own treasury, requires transparent and reliable data-driven solutions.

Finance Controlling

Rethinking internal control: With the strategic orientation of our customers firmly in mind, Senacor creates the ideal and cost-efficient, data-driven control landscape with maximum transparency.

IT Organization

Securely achieve tech-driven company goals: Whether it’s cloud strategies, agile methods or AI solutions, Senacor’s IT experts understand the special needs of financial institutions and help them achieve their goals efficiently.

Payment & Cards

From the integration of existing card or payment platforms to the design of modern customer channels: Senacor always has the end customer and modern and sustainable IT implementation in mind.

Regulatory Reporting

Efficient data collection and reporting: Senacor combines many years of experience in the highly regulated banking environment with integration expertise and implementation know-how of state-of-the-art reporting technologies.

Retail Lending

Digital at 100%: Senacor brings a lot of experience in the implementation of integrated customer platforms and ensures the optimal level of automation of our customers’ application sections and an ideal user experience for the applicants through professional and technological competence.

Risk Controlling

Making the transition from risk measurement to risk control: Senacor creates the risk control of tomorrow for you through organisational reorganisation, independent computing cores, suitable processor orchestration and broad-based data solutions.

Securities & Derivatives Operations

Reduce dependencies and complexity: Senacor eliminates critical resource bottlenecks and dependencies through holistic, modern platforms with a high degree of automation, which replace the existing legacy systems step by step.


Tailor-made solutions for every operating model: Cutting-edge technology combined with quantitative expertise allow Senacor to design a treasury that is also adapted to modern interest rate volatility.

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