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Digital Experience Design

Beating the Competition: Customer Experience.

In a market that seemingly offers infinite choice, companies more and more achieve distinction by means of outstanding customer experience. Senacor helps companies to digitalize processes, products, services and transactions, and to create solutions that feature an exceptional customer experience.


CX is the sum of all interactions that a customer has over time when interacting with a brand or an organization. CX is based on empathic principles and an understanding of needs, expectations, and habits of customers. Its goal is to create a seamless and emotionally rewarding experience whenever the customer comes into contact with the brand or organization.

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User Experience Design

Eine optimierte User Experience (UX) bietet Nutzern eine positive Interaktion mit Ihrer Marke und sorgt so dafür, dass sie als Mensch immer gerne wiederkommen. Für ein optimales Erlebnis kommt es darauf an, die verschiedenen Aktionen des Users möglichst einfach, intuitiv und reibungslos zu gestalten.

User Interface Design

The user-interface design (UI) is the visible result of the UX processes preceding it. A well-executed user-interface design needs to be esthetically pleasing, consistent, scalable, and intuitive to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Experience Consulting

Experience Consulting helps companies to improve their products and to minimize cost. It does so by implementing just the right UX processes, methods, and tools. Senacor continuously works as part of client teams and advises on product strategies and holistic usability evaluations. To support these processes better, Senacor also conducts workshops for client teams.

User Research & Testing

User Research is the process of investigating, analyzing, testing, and validating customer knowledge. Because a precise understanding of user behavior of existing and potential customers is crucial in achieving success. It is also an important foundation in designing the best possible experience for a given target group – while always paying heed to the needs and problems of the individual user.

Design Systems & Living Style Guides

A Design System is a rules-based compilation of suitable design elements and components. It ensures a consistent look & feel and behavior of all products and services. It efficiently enables consistent further-development and re-use of design elements in different contexts. It also strengthens successful collaboration across teams and divisions.


Accessibility is about enabling any and all users to access a product or service, regardless of how they come into contact with them (e. g. with the aid of assistive devices, etc.). In opposition to standard usability, barrier-free access addresses those who are physically challenged.

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