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Digital Products & Platforms

The digital core.

Genuine digital solutions are first and foremost the work of engineers. There is a huge difference between the ability to offer a product through digital channels and an efficient, fully automated production platform that creates a genuine digital product.


Digitalization has reached a state of automated data-driven processes. However, just like with automation in industrial areas, digitalization needs specialized engineers for the integrated design of the necessary machines.


We are a digital engineering company from conviction and have a comprehensive understanding of the design and delivery of complete digital solutions.

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Digital product design

Comprises all elements of the final product of our clients. This ranges from the look & feel to access channels of their customers, from product operations right up to payment and spread-sheet design. It’s creating digital operating models that do not simply stop beyond mere sales efforts.

Business architecture and componentization

Parse the complex production chains of digital products into single and independent „machines“, which are then – just like works plans and works steering in industrial processes – combined and assembled to form complete digital platforms.

Cutting-edge applications architecture

Makes sure that for each component the most current technological paradigms are used, as well as completely integrated methods in development, testing, and release, meaning: release fast and release often.

Reduction of the vertical range of manufacture

Allows our clients to focus on their genuine core knowledge and value-creation expertise while enjoying the benefits of BPO, SaaS, and AMS solutions to round off their platform.

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