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Capital Markets Trading

Capital Markets Trading is concerned with the execution of trades in the marketplace for financing and funding (equity, fixed income, FX, loans, etc.), as well as risk management and asset management of existing positions.


Benefit from our services:

Senacor helps clients to find their positioning in the financing marketplace and supports them with all digital transformations necessary to achieve their desired place in a competitive environment. The main challenges in trading are the increasing commoditization and the cost pressures that go along with this, while customer expectations are ever on the rise. Ongoing digitalization rapidly changes markets and processes, while innovations swiftly become must-haves to keep in step with the competition. Senacor’s profound banking and trading expertise, combined with state-of-the-art tech, delivers the right strategies for development and maintenance of efficient structures, platforms and applications.  

Project references

Bank reduces operative cost of managing promissory note loans.


Bank reduces operative cost of managing promissory note loans.

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