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Digitalizing Healthcare: efficient networks and focus on the patient.

Health is more than a business. To ensure a high quality of care, it is necessary to focus more on the individual patient – keyword: electronic patient record – in all sub-areas and institutions: practices, hospitals, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. Among other things, use cases for mobile & electronic health and health data apps must be developed and implemented. In addition, the administration of health care facilities is facing special challenges: shortage of skilled workers and individual working time models are just one factor. Moreover, the healthcare sector is probably one of the most heavily regulated sectors, which means diverse and highly complex requirements for therapy, administration, and supply chain. For this, better interconnectivity of the healthcare sector is imperative.


All of this can only be achieved efficiently with the help of a comprehensive digital transformation of the entire sector. These are not just purely technological challenges. Strategies and systems must be designed from the start in such a way that they consider the complex requirements of the sector. Senacor meets these challenges with holistic strategies and a combination of professional expertise and technological know-how.

We know

Healthcare faces radical changes. Concepts like patient-focus and better interconnectivity need to be implemented efficiently. Thus, the transformation towards a comprehensive digitalization across the entire sector is urgently required.

We deliver

State-of-the-art IT solutions and holistic strategies designed and implemented by our interdisciplinary teams. Senacor provides a unique mix of technological expertise and professional knowledge as well as the skillset for full E2E implementation.

We are

Implementation partner for sector-wide digital strategies. We are professional experts who know and take into account industry-specific details and peculiarities. We are enablers, implementers, and trusted advisors in the transformation process.

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Senacor has many years of expertise when it comes to the development and implementation of relevant technologies – be it Cloud, Big Data, AI/ML or the construction of portals. We are experienced with the transformation of legacy systems in highly regulated environments and its data protection and privacy needs. We are also familiar with many challenges of organizational transformation processes. Our interdisciplinary teams who bring together professional knowledge, business savvy, and technology expertise are highly adaptable to complex challenges and are used to integrate the latest technologies into their strategy. All of this make us a reliable end-to-end implementation partner who has successfully supported the digital transformation of the healthcare sector for several years now.

Sensibly deploying the latest technology

Not only does Senacor offer qualified advice when it comes to the selection and implementation of technologies, but is also capable of developing all the necessary applications required for the smooth operation of Cloud, Big Data, AI/ML, and the construction of portals. This also applies for other healthcare-relevant systems concerning health management, data security or networking strategies within the sector. Senacor advises and implements!

Understanding and integrating legacy systems and regulatory

Transformation of complex IT landscapes in a highly regulated environment with strict data protection requirements to more efficient target systems is a task which needs to be handled holistically. Healthcare data management, data protection, and process simplification require strategic planning as much as they need detailed, professional implementation. Senacor has the industry experience to successfully design and complete transformation processes E2E.

Interdisciplinary expertise: technology, organization and administration

Senacor offers a holistic approach to digital transformation – from strategic planning to implementation and initial operation. Our interdisciplinary teams ensure that technology, organization and business interact smoothly. The results are efficient systems that guarantee optimal care, also from an economic point of view. The combination of application development and professional expertise allows for agile deployment of state-of-the-art technologies.

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SVP, Partner & Business Development
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